term used by black and/or wanna be-blacks because the word "Bitch" is just to white.
"Get tha fuck outta my way biAtch"
by suck me March 31, 2004
Either a prostitute that belongs to only one person OR a straight guy who has been put in jail and turned gay in there.
This is my biatch. OR You just got outta jail? You a biatch?
by Julian March 29, 2004
A stronger and particular form of the word "Bitch". Commonly used when there are too many bitches around, and the user want to highlight the particular one of interest.
Among her bitches friends, THQ is a biatch.
by haa March 12, 2004
Funny word, used by Beavis in many cases where he's trying to be "cool" ...
"What you got?! Biacth !"

"Shut ut, Butt-Head !! ... Biatch !"
by Raziel Maximus December 05, 2003
Dirivitive of bitch, used to exemplify person A's disbelief, anger, or frustration with person B.
1) Hey biatch WTF are you doing
2) God damn it biatch
by VR June 10, 2003
a woman, sometimes a prostitute, who the speaker always has with him.
I got my cash money, my biatches, my wheels; I got everything.
by D P September 24, 2002
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