A person, generally an oafish male who walks around with an empty styrofoam container in his satchel/briefcase/bag and only realizes it the next day, presumably while packing said satchel/briefcase/bag for the day.
Bartender 1: That stupid rhude boy was went all the way home with stinky leftovers in a stryofoam container just jammed into his laptop case.
Bartender 2: What a biatch!
by Kensington's Revenge December 05, 2013
1. someone who has surpassed a "bitch,"

2. alternate spelling "M-I-K-E-L-U-T-T-O-N.
Someone a real bitch would call a bitch is usually bi'atch.
by abbabba July 03, 2012
usually a white jew-fro'ed male who is totally lame and gives ass out hugs
Mackenzie: HEY BIATCH

Jonathan: SUP BIATCH

*ass out hug*
by #1biatch May 17, 2011
A way for friends to give each other nicknames-- thus demonstrating a tight bond of trust and familiarity-- without the cutesy, cheesy honey or dear.
Kris approaches her group of friends.

Kris: "What up, biatches?"

John: " 'Sup, Kris?"
by Rimmyrimrim September 30, 2009
Any person(s) who is behaving in a bothersome or annoying manner.
Damn playa, that bi'atch is buggin
by tim "white bread" butler September 02, 2003
n. 1) a coloquial and more accepted version of "bitch"; 2) less offensive than bitch;3) less than a man, but more than a "bitch"; 4) the guy who may scrub the white walls on your car, even though they're already clean; so someone who's too low on the social ladder to be a man, but higher than a "bitch"; 5) the kind of mnan who says it's alright when you slam his face with a glass door, even though he knows you saw him before you opened it; see "bitch"
The most craptacular bi-atch of all time.
1. pl. form of 'biatch'

2. the noun form concerning a specific type, or kind of mammal.
(see the adjective 'neato', as in, 'because of the neato')
them biatches be way utterly neato!
by mostlyinnocence August 20, 2011
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