Gangsta/Ghetto terminology for Bitch.
<r4y> they say you hacked into hi5 servers?
<eth0x1> Yep.
<r4y> holy shit.. why?
<eth0x1> Coz' they ought to know ...
<eth0x1> PAYBACK's A BIATCH!
by eth0x1 May 26, 2008
venice:*signs in msn*
an and gyan : hey look its biatch.
Geeyan and aN: hey you what do you doin atm?
Geeyan and aN: biatch

Venice: not much you

Geeyan and aN: ae wanna web cam, turn on your mac first!
Geeyan and aN : biatch.
by tetris084 June 03, 2009
The wimpy ass version of the work bitch.
most white gangster wannabes or preps use this word, no real point.
Prep: Ehmagod! The blood from your slit wrist just landed on my Hollister crap! Biatch!
Emo kid: Bitch. You just hate me. I'm a slave to Anarchy! My soul is trapped in a dark box, eternally tortured.
by jogjroapgjfoirefjgoasrdjgdoihj December 29, 2009
Dirivitive of bitch, used to exemplify person A's disbelief, anger, or frustration with person B.
1) Hey biatch WTF are you doing
2) God damn it biatch
by VR June 10, 2003
a woman, sometimes a prostitute, who the speaker always has with him.
I got my cash money, my biatches, my wheels; I got everything.
by D P September 24, 2002
a male bitch, usually under the thumb by his mrs.
'alright biatch, how are you today?'
by Rob Jay May 22, 2008
A word used to make fun of the word "bitch" (or people who use the word "bitch"). Like how OMFG is sometimes to make fun of OMG or people that get easily excited.
(enter obviously upper/middle class person in exaggerated 'pimp' outfit): Let's get jiggy with it biatch!
by lkj[oijop;afbg October 11, 2006

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