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Gangsta/Ghetto terminology for Bitch.
<r4y> they say you hacked into hi5 servers?
<eth0x1> Yep.
<r4y> holy shit.. why?
<eth0x1> Coz' they ought to know ...
<eth0x1> PAYBACK's A BIATCH!
by eth0x1 May 26, 2008
venice:*signs in msn*
an and gyan : hey look its biatch.
Geeyan and aN: hey you what do you doin atm?
Geeyan and aN: biatch

Venice: not much you

Geeyan and aN: ae wanna web cam, turn on your mac first!
Geeyan and aN : biatch.
by tetris084 June 03, 2009
The wimpy ass version of the work bitch.
most white gangster wannabes or preps use this word, no real point.
Prep: Ehmagod! The blood from your slit wrist just landed on my Hollister crap! Biatch!
Emo kid: Bitch. You just hate me. I'm a slave to Anarchy! My soul is trapped in a dark box, eternally tortured.
by jogjroapgjfoirefjgoasrdjgdoihj December 29, 2009
Either a prostitute that belongs to only one person OR a straight guy who has been put in jail and turned gay in there.
This is my biatch. OR You just got outta jail? You a biatch?
by Julian March 29, 2004
a woman, sometimes a prostitute, who the speaker always has with him.
I got my cash money, my biatches, my wheels; I got everything.
by D P September 24, 2002
again....Too Short atually created this word...its is his favorite word... its basically a bitch, any gender, but wit a little bay area mouth twist...ya smell me??
"whats my favorite word?? BIAAAATCH!!"
-Too $hort
by angela p October 12, 2004
Funny word, used by Beavis in many cases where he's trying to be "cool" ...
"What you got?! Biacth !"

"Shut ut, Butt-Head !! ... Biatch !"
by Raziel Maximus December 05, 2003