It's the definition for your ex-girlfriend, cause Bitch is too simple to express your attitude.
Did you call me BIATCH, you....BIATCH?
by Erich "Da Sting" May 11, 2005
Any person(s) who is behaving in a bothersome or annoying manner...
boy is he so biatch..
by PiXiE April 19, 2005
1. A form of endearment, I assure you.
2. a pretend insult, when a friend does something you're not really angry at, but pretend to be.
1. 'Hey, where are my biatches!'
2. Friend does something without you, and you don't really mind: 'Aww, you're such a biatch!
by Jen March 07, 2005
A retarded way of saying Bitch
Dunno why but some people thinks its cool saying Biatch rather than the proper word Bitch
Biatch = Nono
Bitch = Better than that retarded word
by SexyMiss February 03, 2005
A stronger and particular form of the word "Bitch". Commonly used when there are too many bitches around, and the user want to highlight the particular one of interest.
Among her bitches friends, THQ is a biatch.
by haa March 12, 2004
-a gangster's way of saying bitch
-a slut, whore
ya unit did yo momma, biatch!
by Nick January 13, 2004
An annoying biznatch. Someone you'd love to punch in the throat and or pee on.
"el mayate que se robo mi carro es un biatch!"
by YaDiRa September 09, 2003

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