A word first heard in a famous song about somebody's Mom.
Very similar in meaning and sound to "bitch".
"Carl's Mom is a... biatch" actually pronounced: "biaaaaaaaa'aaaaatch ah."
by n8lbv December 04, 2007
just another word for a skanky ho
loook at that skanky BIATCH
by Abdul Hassan May 17, 2005
It's the definition for your ex-girlfriend, cause Bitch is too simple to express your attitude.
Did you call me BIATCH, you....BIATCH?
by Erich "Da Sting" May 11, 2005
Any person(s) who is behaving in a bothersome or annoying manner...
boy is he so biatch..
by PiXiE April 19, 2005
1. A form of endearment, I assure you.
2. a pretend insult, when a friend does something you're not really angry at, but pretend to be.
1. 'Hey, where are my biatches!'
2. Friend does something without you, and you don't really mind: 'Aww, you're such a biatch!
by Jen March 07, 2005
A disagreable person.
I hate that mother fucking biatch
by Rebection August 09, 2004
another word for bitch but in a nicer way to say it.
dang that girl is a biatch.!
by amanda March 04, 2004

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