A word first heard in a famous song about somebody's Mom.
Very similar in meaning and sound to "bitch".
"Carl's Mom is a... biatch" actually pronounced: "biaaaaaaaa'aaaaatch ah."
by n8lbv December 04, 2007
another word used instead of Bitch.
Often used between friends in an american twang (ie "the british) pretending to be down ass bitchs!
A light hearted insult betwEen friends.
Sup biatch, what u at?!
by lou lou February 26, 2005
A term to define the person who is the tool/fool of a group
Aaron is THE biatch!!
by Kipper November 27, 2004
A term used by black people refering to their girlfriend,protitute or just some random ho.
1.Look at that ugly Biatch
2.Whadupp Biatch
by Tom Davis December 05, 2003
Someone who is inferior to you in every way
Laurence "The Tab" "Lozzle Wozzle" Wild
by Dave Guatch September 28, 2003
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