Its like bitch without actually saying bitch. A perverbial loophole if you will. And the best part is you can use it in almost any situation. At times almost like a greeting. Never should be taken literaly.
You and yoyur friend are pretending to be in a fight. She walks away and your just standing there:

"Ya thats right keep walking biatch"
by Payton Marie Boswell October 06, 2005
"You got all these rappers out here, on da mic, on they records, sayin biatch just like Short Dogg." Too Short's way of saying bitch.
Ain't nuttin but a motherfuckin biatch!
by Big Crazy August 07, 2005
another word used instead of Bitch.
Often used between friends in an american twang (ie "the british) pretending to be down ass bitchs!
A light hearted insult betwEen friends.
Sup biatch, what u at?!
by lou lou February 26, 2005
A retarded way of saying Bitch
Dunno why but some people thinks its cool saying Biatch rather than the proper word Bitch
Biatch = Nono
Bitch = Better than that retarded word
by SexyMiss February 03, 2005
A term to define the person who is the tool/fool of a group
Aaron is THE biatch!!
by Kipper November 27, 2004
1. A ho
2. A fuckin' poor and gayassed replacement for bitch.
1. I got my biatch to make 3 trix
2. That guy on Queer Eye said Biatch.
A stronger and particular form of the word "Bitch". Commonly used when there are too many bitches around, and the user want to highlight the particular one of interest.
Among her bitches friends, THQ is a biatch.
by haa March 12, 2004

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