see: Before Internet. For the general population Internet started in 1995 therefore 1994 is 1 BI.
In 1 year BI only a few hundred servers were up and running and they were not very accessible.
1970 is 25 years BI.
by diggdigger June 22, 2010
"Boyfriend Irrelevant"- When a female, despite having previously stating she is in a relationship, is still open to the idea of hooking up with other men.
Oh, Stacy? Yea I met her boyfriend- she's definitely bi...
by Benny Nice and C-Lo October 06, 2010
Short for bi-sexual. A person who is sexually attracted to both males and females.
Britney Spears and Madonna had a bi moment on MTV.
by Rebecca April 10, 2004
another irish word or name used for a person after you said something well its a habit to say after you say something when your talking to one specific person, not used all the time after a sentence only where it fits most.
"alright bi"
"nah thats weird bi"
"whats happening bi?"
"dont believe her bi"
"thats grand bi"
just bring it back tomorrow bi"
by sopureirish August 10, 2008
someone who fancies or is attracted to both sexes. bisexual
i am bisexual. will u hav sex with me
by sxc sashina August 10, 2007
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