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Miami Florida's Mega Magnet.
The BEST high school in the world.
Every student that attend's has worked very hard to be there and to continue going there. Amazing magnet programs consist of: Visual and Performing Arts (Voice, Band, Orchestra, Piano, Drama, Photography, Art, Dance), Medical, Engineering, I.B., Agriscience, Law & Social Services.
Person 1: So what school do you go to?
Person 2: Coral Reef Senior High. (: I'm a singer in the Cuda Chorus.
Person 1: Really?! That's amazing!
Person 2: Thank you. I hope to accomplish great things.
by ohpffft January 17, 2009
a mega second chance magnet school that thrives on their I.B program. the arts magnet isnt so great..if you dont get into new world school of arts your most likely to go to coral reef.
you didnt get into new world?... i bet your going to coral reef senior high then.
by yeahi May 10, 2009

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