BHP is an acronym for Bang Her Pussy.
I can't wait to call that slut over and B.H.P. all day long.
by House of Bro December 03, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym: Brake Horse Power. The measurement of the power of a vehicles' engine, derived from the ancient sport of power-pulling, which was origianally done in the form of a rope betwixt two horses.
The mini cooper with 66 bhp out-cornered that ghey 600bhp corvette.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 04, 2004
Butthole Pleasures. The act of pleasuring someone in their anal region, usually resulting in extremely wonderful sensations in the butthole.
Hey, Jeffrey! The BHP you gave me last night was magnificent! My butthole is aching in anticipation for tonight!
by Pavan Sriprasad December 01, 2007
Butthole Pictures and/or Butthole Pleasures
Kevin: Man, I got hella BHP from that chick from Tinder last night!!!
Maxx: Butthole pictures or Butthole pleasures fam?
Kevin: Both!!!
by mvghetto July 25, 2016
A huge company that makes its money by over complicating everything and throwing its employees under the bus on a daily basis
Why am I in trouble for something I didn't do?

Because that's the Bhp way!
by Caucasian February 18, 2015
Beer, hockey, and pussy - the guide to a hockey players life. BHP is to hockey players as GTL is to guidos.
"Yo BHP tonight, you bring the molson I'll bring the bitches".
by dsmitty March 26, 2010
big house pussy. if ones vagina is as big as a house.
"Yo girl that girl is such a slut she probably has a bhp."
by drewithana May 10, 2010
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