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to kiss(in spanish)
this could also be the name of some and who ever has it it can describe the person
im goin to besar u in the lips cuz i love u
by luv March 01, 2005
the most popular kid in all of high school, hes tall dark and handsome, every girls wants to get wit him
hes the jonny depp of all high schools
by anonymous February 28, 2005
macedonian wanna be. fat. un athletic. will never get a girl. gay. retarded. this kid wears the same fubu shit every day. has 1 eyebrow. makes love to sister. dirt albanian
tall, gay, smelly, unibrow
by besar March 20, 2005
tall,fat,retarded, wanna be macedonian. this kid has no friends so he has to attemp to be friends with kids from the hills...but they dont even like him.he makes love to his sister, she looks like my ass hole. his family has half a car that runs on tripple A batteries.
besar M, a horses ass
by besar March 20, 2005
besar is a tall ugly moster. he has no friends. he makes love to his sister in his dads stolen car. he is a dirt albanian. he has 1 eye brow. he has no friends and wears the same fubu outfit every day of the week. he thinks hes athletic, but he isnt.
shit from a cow or besar m
by besar March 20, 2005
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