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To not only destroy something catastrophically, but everything in it's path aswell.

Yeah, my gearbox got BenZored, When it blew up, not only did pieces of gearbox end up inside the car... Pieces of interior ended up on the outside, the trans tunnel is now double the size....and there's half my gearbox on the F3..
by major deee July 26, 2006
A big goose from ocau who has destroyed countless automobiles.
Man benzor wtf you broke your 5th car.
by lol ownd July 26, 2006
To destroy something so completely, so utterly, that there is no chance of repair and the object itself becomes unrecognisable.
BenZor, you truly are the King, 25 years in the automatic transmission industry and i have never seen anything like that, way to go.
by blowupanothercar July 26, 2006
To make a stupid mistake (normally terminal for the hardware involved) that no one with half a clue should make.
OMG! He just benzored my CPU!
by TheNameLessOne September 26, 2003
To do something very stupid.
He rebooted the hacked server, thats a BenZor for you
by DrKitty September 26, 2003
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