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5 definitions by DrKitty

Usually a debian user, a beatnix is a derivitive of the 1950's Beatnick in a more, modern and cyber form.
Beatnix are always big noting apt-get
by DrKitty September 30, 2003
3 3
Gathering of geeks that share information, resources and time to benifit each other. Has started at www.kruel.org and owns both an wordircword server and a wordhttpword server.
The guys at Kruel taught me C++
by DrKitty September 30, 2003
1 2
To do something very stupid.
He rebooted the hacked server, thats a BenZor for you
by DrKitty September 26, 2003
12 13
To be a stupid asshole
Your such a Darkside today BenZor
by DrKitty September 29, 2003
9 18
A Sad, depraved, assholic and fucked up dickhead who is like this because his daddy never hugged him.
Darkside has got his periods again. Tell his daddy.
by DrKitty October 20, 2003
5 16