A out of shape worthless unathletic coach potatoe. He or she would rather eat cheese cake or pecan pie than attend a lakers game..He or she enjoys jerry springer and rarely keeps in touch with old friends because he is addicted to atari
I dont think ill be able to make it out tonite...im just gonna get a dominos and be a benis
by Ebbs Ryan December 10, 2009
Top Definition
Benis is to refer to ones entire package. Balls & Penis.
The girl sucked the guys benis.
by Billy K. December 02, 2004
BEE-nis –noun, plural -nises

1. A twelve inch purple dildo.

2. A person, especially a man, regarded as mean or contemptible.
1. Phil bought Sally a benis to aid in sexual intercourse.

2. Bruce tried to sleep with my girlfriend; he is a freaking benis.
by TheMolester October 28, 2006
An all around athlete who elevates his team and those around him. A ferocious fighter who never backs down.
Man, that dude was just Beni.
by ABCTat February 14, 2010
lamb-eating bosnian
man... beni is so foreign
by gn0me June 19, 2004
A guys girl-friend to be. Or can be just a guy that is attracted by either the opposite-gender or same gender is known as a beni
A girl that you find appealing, and don't mind getting to know her.

Guy 1: Danggg. That girl fine
Guy 2: Shaddup thats my Beni

Girl 1: He's cute. What is he?
Girl 2: He's beni

Kid 1: When i grow up i hope to become a beni
Kid 2: I already am!
by AfroJackMoma February 21, 2012
In popular culture, usually films or video games, the name "Beni" is used for characters in the story who are usually cowardly, comedic and tend to be in antagonistic roles; they are the characters who survive conflict by narrowly avoiding death, usually until the end of the film or game.

Named after Beni Gabor, the former Legion soldier and former comrade of Rick O'Connell, who had hidden himself in Hamunaptra during the Bedouins' attack from the movie, "The Mummy".
"That guy should have died 5 times now. He's totally the Beni!"
by Nemo Sophyne November 24, 2012
Where one's belly and penis regions conjoin to create one fat blob of flesh. Similar to a "Gunt," although more applicable to men or transsexuals. Often found in older overweight men.
That fat man over there has a humongous benis.
by Beenishammer June 02, 2010
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