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verb: to participate in the consumption of copius amounts of cocaine
Dude 1: "Yo, you wanna go sking tonight?"
Dude 2: "Yea man, I'd love to hit the slopes."
by Creme Daddy August 12, 2006
to be high on blow to the point where one's mind is absolutely flying from one thought to another
"Maybe doing that entire 8-ball tongiht wasn't such a great idea. I'm flying out of my mind right now."
by Creme Daddy August 12, 2006
a reference to a large penis, in theory the size of a black one (black + penis = benis)
Simon may be a little dude, but the kids got a fucking benis.
by Creme Daddy August 05, 2006
short for "devil's dandruff" or cocaine, usually used as slang over the phone with one's dealer
"Yo man, you know we're not getting laid unless we pick-up some of that DD first for the girls."
by Creme Daddy August 12, 2006
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