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The misspelling of the word hookah.
Some Dude: Let's go to a hooka bar.

Me: You fucking fuck face mother fucker, if your going to add to the Urban Dictionary then fucking spell correctly. God you're a stupid benis.
by TheMolester October 28, 2006
BEE-nis –noun, plural -nises

1. A twelve inch purple dildo.

2. A person, especially a man, regarded as mean or contemptible.
1. Phil bought Sally a benis to aid in sexual intercourse.

2. Bruce tried to sleep with my girlfriend; he is a freaking benis.
by TheMolester October 28, 2006
Mom I'd like to make out with. Milder form of milf.
Valerie's mom is such a milmow.
by TheMolester October 29, 2006

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