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Picasso Smiley... also means a drunk person or someone who is giddy with laugter or perhaps with Nitrous Oxide %)
OMFG... I am so wasted!!! %)
by mememe April 30, 2003
Most perfect human ever created. Absolute prototype.
Look into my eyes.. they talk.
by mememe March 19, 2004
This is a derogatory word used to mean someone is trying to heckle your beliefs in a socratic manner, although less structured and generally without point other than to rouse your emotions.
Stop ducthin' me out! He kept dutchin' me about my political ideology. Quit dutchin' me out over liking the Chicago Cubs.
by mememe February 29, 2004
Someone who is tired or exhausted
Someone ho has been beaten up
"Im so done in!!!

"Im gonna do you in!!!"
by MeMeMe August 02, 2013
The definition of Hot.

'Hot as fuck.'

Also, see Lai
"Dude whats your new girlfriend like?"

"Man, shes a Lailli!!!"
by Mememe November 23, 2004
1)Guy and Girl who are cool when seperated, but are whipped emo fags when together.

2)two headed monster. Head #1 is an "guy" who is obsessed with his girlfriend, and is all over her. Head #2 is a "girl" who has her boyfriend completly whipped to the point that he walks to her busses door everymorning so he can walk her back to their friends, an whole 20ft.!!! She coplains if she has to walk that 20ft alone!
well, there at your school.
by mememe October 02, 2004
Look at your computer right now, is it gray? If not, was it once gray and now that color of spoiled milk? If so, your computer is not post-gray.

Is your computer Dell-black? Is it Apple-white or clear or red or blue or purple? If so, then you and your computer are proud participants in the post-gray movement.

Post-gray is not so much a cultural revolution or the color of computers, but the hardware evolution of the lonely unnetworkable PCs made in the mid-to-late 90s that never work and sit in your closet. Post-gray is the buzzword (in other words I didn't make it up) that embodies the progressive desires of the PC Aristocracy to sell you and your business gigahertzed computers that hook up easier than college dormies.

The post-gray reality is here. The kind clergy of the computer world have given us laser mice, flat monitors, and DSL. Good riddance to the roller mice, thirty pound 15" theatres, and serial cables of the distant 20th century. Our computers are post-gray and so are we. We are so post-gray that if Dell put out a gray computer it would be fashionable again... but it would still be post-gray.

My cubicle features an Old Regime 500Mhz PC encapsulated in yellow and a streamlined 2.4Ghz Dell, dude, with flat monitor and laser mouse: Pride of the post-gray regime. Only one is connected to the internet right now. One is a steam engine, the other is cold fusion. One weighs more than a boulder, the other can sit on my shoulder. Sir, welcome to the post-gray world.

Actually, forget it. It's just style over substance.

my ipod is like so post-gray

my office sports only post-gray machines
by mememe April 30, 2003

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