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Used repeatedly, it is a noise of dimisal and disgust, usually reserved for when people are being rude. Roughly equivalent to "shut up".

Care must be taken when using this form of phtt, as the common reply is to spit on the person saying it.

Can also be used in conjunction with basying someone.
"Mate, this chicken isn't cooked, AGAIN. You're cooking's crap."
"Phtt phtt phtt phtt phtt phtt"
by Macrophage June 11, 2006
1. (Adj) Being fat; fatness; a large beer belly/gut. usually used as though it is the past tense of the verb "belly" (below)

2. (N proper) An entity (allegedly from another planet) which is the source of fatness in people (esp. weight lifters that think they are massive, but are, in fact, fat).

3. (N common)When someone is fat, they are said to posess belly (rather than the inverse (above)). This is usually a less severe form of belly

4. (V) To get fat; to be fat

5. (N proper) Part of a triad of symptoms - Belly, Basy and Bald - which result in 3 B Syndrome, an unfortunate disease which results from not exercising, over eating, crap chat and hair loss.
1. That guy is bellied

2. Belly's got you in his clutches
Belly's hiding in those cakes

3. You've got belly.

4. She is well bellying it up
by Macrophage June 10, 2006
1. (N proper) One who has sex with many many women, preying on them generally when they are exceptionally drunk. These women are usually students. The name developed from the term "macrophage"; a human cell which devours any form of foreign material without discrimination. It was given to a medical student at Glasgow after a streak of returning to women's homes after an evening in what was called his "Sex for Shelter" campaign, since said medical student had nowhere to live.

2. (V) The act of chatting up random drunk women and taking them home from a nightclub. Often, this requires many rejections or false starts before a women is successfully "phagocytosed".
1. Check out Macro with that fat bird.

2. I'm gonna be Macroin it up in the Hive tonight!
by Macrophage June 11, 2006

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