To eat langoustine (shrimp)
Why would you recommend Long John Silver's for dinner? You KNOW I don't bell.
by McMackerson December 22, 2008
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to call someone (generally by phone)
'I told him to bell me but he neva did'
by fabolousbaby April 06, 2005
To call someone / to be called
I will bell you later...
by Alex-C February 23, 2008
The head of the male organ
I've got a big purple bell
by Charlie December 30, 2002
A collective (arguably evil) entity that consistently overcharges and under provides.
How the f**k did this month's bell ring in at $600.00?? OMG! Three more years, I must be an idiot!
by shiftgears December 24, 2008
A little city located in the L.A. County of California, which recently has been surrounded by corruption and drama. Trying to get back on its feet with new elected officials because the ex mayor is currently awaiting trial because he screwed residents over a million dollars. The other city officials are not exempt, they're scum as well. Glad that city has new elected officials and is cleaning up with a new mayor. Also home to the Bell High School Eagles. We've got a bunch of burger joints as well. And Bell is heavily populated with a bunch of Hispanics and Arabs.
Random Guy 1: Dude, Maywood is so much better than Bell.
Random Guy 2: Oh stfu, your crappy city was involved in corruption as well.
Random Guy 1: Oh shit, that's right. My bad.
Random Guy 2: At least Bell is cleaner and a better looking city than Cudahy and Maywood combined.
by Ab3K July 05, 2013
To patronize someone in order to get something back or to get the person's approval.
Person 1: Can you help me with my work?

Person 2: I'm sorry but I haven't finished mine but you know that if I had finished I would help you.

Person 1: Please stop giving me bells.
by MFour March 21, 2008
A bell is a simple sound-making device. The bell is a percussion instrument and an idiophone. Its form is usually a hollow, cup-shaped object, which resonates upon being struck. The striking implement can be a tongue suspended within the bell, known as a clapper, a small, free sphere enclosed within the body of the bell or a separate mallet or hammer.
Paul revered used bells to warn the British that the colonist were coming. Then they chanted... USA USA USA ! ! !
by Mr. Yellow of wow June 07, 2011

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