A person or thing from Philadelphia. From the Liberty Bell.
If you go to bell land, there's no shortage of great restaurants and things to do!
#wawa #sojer #philly #noo yawk #noo joisey
by pentozali October 21, 2008
The clitoris. A female sexual organ.
The famous pop song, "Ring My Bell", is regarded as an euphemism for cunnilingus in urban legend.
by AllR July 07, 2005
- A very big/fat person

- A fatass
Theres a couple Bells sitting over there.

What a Bell..ding dong

What a fat Bell
#fat #big #bel #chunky #ugly
by DirtyDillon December 29, 2009
To walk with a rhythmic limp, somewhat like a pimpwalk. It's a stroll done by Los Angeles gangstas/street people/hoodstas. Preferably done with a rag in your back pocket. Remember: Crips to the left, Bloods to the right.
Mack 10: "Bellin' through the hood with stripes."
We had on locs, and was straight bellin' through the swapmeet yesterday.
#bell #bellin' #belling #walk #gangsta
by LawTheStryker May 08, 2007
1. A word used as an exclamation for stupid humor
2. An attention grabbing term
3. Used for any purpose as a dumb and pointless joke
1)Everyone is sitting in the school cafeteria and you stand up and announce, "Bell!" a few minutes before the bell rings as a joke, and everyone leaves the cafeteria.
2)"What the bell?"
#bell #bel #beel #bail #bale
by Ice T April 07, 2006
1) Large metal instrument, usually found hanging under a church tower.

2) Small metal instrument, usually found hanging under the hand of the least dexterous of the school orchestra.

3) Some random reference to a sexual organ of variable location.
1) Gah, I'd like to knock that bell right outta the sky!

2) Gah, I'd like to knock that bell-weilding moron right out of the damn concert!

3) Gah, I'd like to knock off that bell!
by Zeroth July 24, 2005
Bell are annoying, attention whores who'd do anything for you to notice them.
Gosh, Erin and Alena are both EXTREMELY ugly and slutty! That's such a Bell thing.
#erin #alena #ugly #attention whore #slut #bell
by libertybell September 17, 2007
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