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Literal meaning = one who enjoys sex with ne's own sister
Usage : Often used as a cursory word, in the same way as "damn it!".
less frequently used with its literal meaning i.e One who performs sex with own sister.
Behenchod ! That car nearly drive over me!
The white men are behenchods
by S.V.RAO January 20, 2004
1) Abusive word, literally meaning "sister fucker", but is used as a slang abuse word such as "mother fucker" is used in English.
2) This word is also used as "damn" is used in English.
Alternate spelling "bhenchod"
1) "behenchod, get out of my room". "Osama is a bhenchod"
2) "behenchod, I forgot my wallet"
by Usmaan January 18, 2004
popular lingo amongst college goers in india. My suggestion use "bhendchod" to have an extra edge over other behenchods.
behenchod salaa padha padha ke gand hi marega

by amish - timepass June 01, 2006
1. Arjun Singh (the madarchod behind 50% reservations for OBC)

2. Literally means, 'sisterfucker' but is generally used to abuse someone badly.*

3. An expression to show disgust or contempt.#
*Behenchod, why did you tease my girl?
#Behenchod, I won't pass this calculus test.
by Wise Boy July 24, 2006
one who takes part in the process of fucking ones own siter
bhenchod sala!
by jonny September 14, 2003
one who screw up his own sister or cousin
bhaiya tum bahut bade behenchod ho
by alpha July 07, 2003
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