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it means the one who fucks his sister
kris is a real behenchod .
by arnaknijtan January 31, 2004
Yes, the word does mean sisterfucker, literally. The word was used even as early as the 1800s. If you read Lawrence James' book, the 'RAJ', you will find that Bhenchod was used as a common slang even then.The slang is still used across India and Pakistan, more so in villages, by men and women alike.
The pronounciation may change with the region( Baheenchod in UP & Bihar, Bhaincho in Punjab, northern India and Pakistan, and so on...)
by The explorer August 09, 2004
Usmaan doesnt know what hes talking about and pakis didnt popularize this. Punjabis pronounce it "panchod" -- and yes it means sisterfucker.
"Panchod, what the fuck are you doing?"
by Rishi July 26, 2004
Bhenchod is a cursive word meaning bhen and chod, which translates to sister fucker. It has an indian background
That man is a bhenchod
by HAM September 29, 2004
"bhenchod" is a famous punjabi word used for sista fucka...
n i think it can be used as a word tha expresses ur hard feelings.. lol
Juggy: Wat up J! i heard your new song in a club, is the album out?
J: Nawh man some bhenchod ripped it off ma my-space page!
by Jeeta69 March 26, 2008
Its also used as "damn" is used in English. In its abusive context, its similiar to "mother fucker".
Alternate spelling: behenchod
"bhenchod, I forgot my wallet"
by Usmaan January 18, 2004
Slang term popularised by Pakis. Literally means "Sister Fucker".
Yoh..bhenchod....wanna go to the corner shop?
by Long live the Empire June 26, 2003

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