A replacement for masturbate/jerking in case you have someone around who might overhear.
"What are you doing?"
"Beef Jerky in my room."
by DreamHack January 30, 2009
When a girl thinks she has any talent what so ever at giving a guy a handjob and she rips the skin off your cock and your cock bleeds, the following morning you wake up with a scab instead of a clean dick
Man that fucking Rachael chick, took me into the closet last night and gave me a fucking Beef Jerky. Now my cock is out of comission for at least a week,I wanna snuff that hoe in the face!!!!!
by Brian Cros Himself April 27, 2007
When you still masturbate, despite heavy chaffing, using A1 sauce.
Where's John? He's busy making beef jerky.
by Rusty Shacleford June 14, 2010
Masturbation on the Oregon Trail.
Liesel: Johnny, hurry, mother is dying of dysentery!
Johnny: Just gettin' me some beef jerky.
by Johnny132435 January 28, 2011
When you receive a handjob that causes you to ejaculate, see {turkey jerky}
"I didn't get a BJ, but I got some nice beef jerky
by The Midget December 21, 2004
The loose, rigid, salty labia of an aged female slut.
They had an all-you-can-eat Beef Jerky buffet at the womens retirement home.
by Michael April 22, 2005
Something you say when a really fat bitch walks by.
by Jamie&Ashley February 11, 2003
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