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A replacement for masturbate/jerking in case you have someone around who might overhear.
"What are you doing?"
"Beef Jerky in my room."
by DreamHack January 30, 2009
25 25
When a girl thinks she has any talent what so ever at giving a guy a handjob and she rips the skin off your cock and your cock bleeds, the following morning you wake up with a scab instead of a clean dick
Man that fucking Rachael chick, took me into the closet last night and gave me a fucking Beef Jerky. Now my cock is out of comission for at least a week,I wanna snuff that hoe in the face!!!!!
by Brian Cros Himself April 27, 2007
6 8
Masturbation on the Oregon Trail.
Liesel: Johnny, hurry, mother is dying of dysentery!
Johnny: Just gettin' me some beef jerky.
by Johnny132435 January 28, 2011
6 9
When you still masturbate, despite heavy chaffing, using A1 sauce.
Where's John? He's busy making beef jerky.
by Rusty Shacleford June 14, 2010
12 20
When you receive a handjob that causes you to ejaculate, see {turkey jerky}
"I didn't get a BJ, but I got some nice beef jerky
by The Midget December 21, 2004
21 71
The loose, rigid, salty labia of an aged female slut.
They had an all-you-can-eat Beef Jerky buffet at the womens retirement home.
by Michael April 22, 2005
56 107
Something you say when a really fat bitch walks by.
by Jamie&Ashley February 11, 2003
19 71