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1. a sexual procedure wherein a man's penis becomes inverted after a sex change to become a vagina. Also known as "the dugout canoe" procedure.
2. the slang word for the medical procedure of micropenis.

Person 1: So I just learned my ex-boyfriend got a sex change.
Person 2: Eww. Was he the one with a beecher of a penis?
Person 1: Yeah, but the funny thing is, he decided to get his beecher beechered!
by Suckacockuhweeuh March 17, 2009
37 18
jeeves (one who knows everything)
as in
by aa674 February 23, 2005
21 15
a section of Flint, MI. once a booming GM town, now just another ghetto.
Beecher is not a place I would drive through at night
by whatevcrev July 28, 2008
5 5