brother. an abbreviated form.
Nick: Shut the fuck up.
Ted: Hate your bee?
by Doolsey January 01, 2005
A really hot girl thats kind of slutty but everyone loves her. She makes friends easily especially guys. They call her Bee but dont know why because it all started as an inside joke. But she does buzz around like a bumble bee. And b stands for bitch because she can ruin someones life in the matter of hours. She also drinks and is often confused
Awww, I love Bee.
by T (BEE) Shakers October 21, 2008
1. A person of the male gender that is rude and unworthy of a females time.

2. Usually talks in such a way that tries to be ghetto.

3. Someone who does not admit to having a thing with a female until that female kisses another male causing the "bee" to get extrememly furious and declare things are over when really they are not.

4. One who is very immature and thinks he is "the shit"-(amazing and better than the rest)

5. Insecure about himself because he has to lie to get attention.
ex: definition 2:

bee- "that is pinner" "over like drake" "stay gold" etc...

ex: definition 5:

bee hooked up with females on vaca in hawaii....LIE
by lickme108 August 20, 2010
Bee Pirate Hooker is a small time model from Leamington Spa UK and who became famous for being scene on social networks such as Bebo and Myspace. She is the Number two of the "Top Famous kids of bebo and the UK". She is known to people throughout the UK and Ireland.
Wow thats Bee Pirate Hooker from bebo.
by Terri Brady April 22, 2008
The Epitome of Style
Oooooh, he is one bee lookin mother fucker y'all
by The-shield February 27, 2004
Boobs that dag down to a woman's knees.
Check out that chicks boobs! They hang down so far they look like two socks filled with sand! They almost reach her knees. Yeah, those are some sweet bees!
by yack35 November 17, 2011
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