n. a code word for weed
Nat- I'm bored.
Nikki- Let's go hit the bee in your hot tub.
by $h@NiQU@ July 26, 2006
Describer of something weak, helpless and/or frail. Call of weakness.
"Bee," said he as the man was beat up by his girlfriend.
by The Wandering Minstrel July 10, 2006
The best way of saying beer.
"yo ask james if he wants to go get some bees at the twenty-fo owah stoh"
by ILDnigMASTA July 20, 2006
Very exceptional natural-selection player.
"yo BEE homie, you fkn owned that onos dawggg, nice work"
by Newman December 12, 2003
A Catherane-Renae original. A word to describe the sharp feelings you get when you're hurt or anything close to that. Opposite of butterflies.
Person 1: I love Jose, so much. Forever baby (:

Person 2: BEES!
by PersonThatGetsBeesDaily June 13, 2009
Slang term used for the drug 2c-b.

4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine (2C-B) is a synthetic chemical in the phenethylamine class. It is related structurally to mescaline, DOB, and distantly to MDMA.
I wanted some bees so bad last nite i could see them.

Saw a dude in the club last nite trippin bee's
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
a term from Space Moose

Someone would just say "Bee."
by Bee February 03, 2003
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