A shorthand of the chain restaurant Applebee's. Originally coined when it was noticed that the neon sign outside was broken, and only the "Bee's" part of it was lit.
Dave: So where did you end up taking her to dinner?

Jon: Took her to Bee's, it was alright.
by VM1984 August 13, 2009
a hot chick who is sick at bio.
most people think of "bee" as an insect, but she's mostly not an insect.
by the bracket July 23, 2009
noun; a frisbee
yo dawg, throw the bee over here!
by jpleakis March 20, 2003
Plural of 'bee'. An insect that collects pollen from flowers, makes hives and is well-known for having a 'stinger' that injects an assailant with venom. If you remain calm and stay out of their way they won't be likely to hurt you. However if you attract their attention run like a bat out of hell and jump in some water.
Johnny: Hey craig, you goin to the store today because I need a ride.
Craig: Nah.. I thought I'd just do my homework today.
(Linda enters)
Linda: Hey you two, I'm kinda hot, wanna bump uglies?
Johnny: Not now Linda, I JUST PISSED OFF SOME BEES!
Craig: NOOOOOooooo I'll SAVE YOU!
Johnny: Don't! NOO! CRAIG! LINDA!
(Craig and Linda are torn apart by the bees!)
Johnny: WHYYYYY!????
(Johnny pulls out a grenade from nowhere.)
Johnny: I'm commin back for ya guys!
by TheJoseph October 02, 2005
Slang term for frisbee, originated by hippies. Only the noun, not the verb.
"Hey man, don't hog the bee"
by poochoo April 13, 2005
any girl
that bee is not great
by Gha December 21, 2003
1.a raw slag who swims for england, and has a 6 pac penis and chest, she fingers herself to specific sites such as: MyShemaleBabes.com and ChicksWithDicks.com
she has a huge crush on boys called ben but is incredibly ugly and looks like a man

2. a slang word for an unshaven clit
ben: errr that girl bee tried to hit on me
dan: OMG that's so disgusting, what did u say ?
ben: no obviously, she looks like a man
by bed_tester November 27, 2008

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