a bee is an object which is animalistic in nature. It is often found screaming in dumpsters and sheds.
"Hi, I'm a Bee bzzzzzz OWW!"
by BeatriceBee May 24, 2009
A shorter more college bro-ish term for frisbee (also known as "disc")
Hey bro, let's go bee in the quad.
by The Seamonster March 17, 2010
The british term for dick. And honey means cum.
British guy 1: Do you like bees?

British guy 2: No! I'm not gay!
by SuperZemnot May 26, 2012
The nickname of Barnet FC, the pride of north London. They are also known as the 'black and amber army'.
Can't wait to see the Bees win the Premiership!
by BFC101 October 24, 2010
A slang term for a person who synthesizes methamphetamine.
Alex is gathering I,RP,and PSE FB for his crystal meth production. He is going to become a bee and is 1 step away from becoming a cook.
by CovertOps December 05, 2006
brother. an abbreviated form.
Nick: Shut the fuck up.
Ted: Hate your bee?
by Doolsey January 01, 2005
A really hot girl thats kind of slutty but everyone loves her. She makes friends easily especially guys. They call her Bee but dont know why because it all started as an inside joke. But she does buzz around like a bumble bee. And b stands for bitch because she can ruin someones life in the matter of hours. She also drinks and is often confused
Awww, I love Bee.
by T (BEE) Shakers October 21, 2008

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