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A fart left in an empty elevator for future occupants to experience.
Some smart-ass left a Cincinnati air freshener in the elevator at work this morning. 38 floors I had to go up with that stench.
by jpleakis July 11, 2006
A person suffering from addictive facebook use.
Get joel some coffee, damn bookhead has been up all night writing limricks on everyones walls.
by jpleakis November 11, 2005
The character portrayed by Rapper Jay-Z in the movie "State Property"
im goin down to talk to untouchable j
by jpleakis March 20, 2003
verb; the act of browsing a store knowing full well you have no intention to buy anything
john went bonaventuring at circuit city for big screen tv's
by jpleakis March 20, 2003
noun; a frisbee
yo dawg, throw the bee over here!
by jpleakis March 20, 2003

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