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a silly non-sensical word said by some elementary school students in metro Atlanta in the 70's. It was accompanied by a goofy grin and a forward-bent posture. One would normally lean forward, dangling one's arms, grab one's upper lip and vibrate it rapidly and say the word.
Hey look at me! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, BRAFEY!
by Doolsey January 01, 2005
uncool or disgusting.
Bee, I can't believe you'd be seen with her. She's narl. I'd bump her.
by Doolsey January 01, 2005
brother. an abbreviated form.
Nick: Shut the fuck up.
Ted: Hate your bee?
by Doolsey January 01, 2005
mother. A shortened form of twittermater (now obsolete, being a compination of twitterpated and mater, the latin word for mother).
Get away from me, you fuck! I'll tell Twitter!
by Doolsey January 01, 2005
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