Slang term used for the drug 2c-b.

4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine (2C-B) is a synthetic chemical in the phenethylamine class. It is related structurally to mescaline, DOB, and distantly to MDMA.
I wanted some bees so bad last nite i could see them.

Saw a dude in the club last nite trippin bee's
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
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term used to call the love of your life.
E.G. " I love you bee ^_^"
#bee #buzz #bumble bee #bumble #love #girl #natasha
by Dspencer March 25, 2008
Venomous yellow and black-striped insect responsible for the production of honey. Known for bumble and killer varieties.
Once I have finished with the humans, I shall begin my war against... THE BEES!
by syckls May 09, 2005
Black and yellow cuddly furry little flying Teddy Bears who fly around making jam and getting pissed on pollen which is well fun since they are shortsighted and tend to fly at you whilst intoxicated.
Watch out for that bumble bee, he has had a few and is heading your way!!!
#bee #bumble bee #bumbly #flea bags #fur balls #over-weight bees
by J. Lowndes August 14, 2006
Noun: an up north ( New York, New Jersey, ect) way of saying friend, buddy, homi dawg, slice, or and brother
Yo bee what it do? how it going? what you up to?
#homey #sharty #girl #boy #friend #dawg #dog #buddy #skillet
by Arielhotcarmel March 22, 2007
often mistaken for the common bumble bee but no the bee is no common creature.they are the loveliest, prettiest and one of the best friends you can ever have.
"you are my bee."
"awww, no way cos you are my bee."
"awww bees forever"
#bethia #b #be #beth #behtia
by slazenger February 19, 2009
natures suicide bomber terrorists.
in the event of war, nature uses bees for enemy base destruction tactics since they appear in large numbers and are the worlds most reliable suicide bombers.
#nature #war #suicide bombers #terrorism #insects
by darcria September 04, 2011
A small insect equipped with a stinger capable of inflicting enough pain to cause an inconvenience. Avoid at all costs.
John: There's a bee camping right outside my door and I can't get outside!
#bumbler #bumble bee #camping #pain #annoying
by Oooaaaaggooo April 05, 2010
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