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A girl that makes you smile. The one person who brightens your day whenever you see her, no matter what she looks like. The girl who you want to be with at any time
by cmdnkeeper September 16, 2012
Honestly, what is beautiful? I know. Go pick up a mirror. Look in it. What is that? That's you. YOU are the definition of beautiful
look how beautiful i am
by Riley Lynch May 20, 2012
Someone that you find extremely pretty. Someone that you'll always find attractive, even on his/her worst days. You could use this word to describe a guy or girl, but it's usually used for a girl.
"Wow, she's beautiful!"

"My boyfriend is beautiful!"
by spiderqueen December 12, 2011
1. A very pretty girl

2. A inspiring hip hop song by Eminem off of his album Relapse, probably one of the only good songs on the album.
1. That girl is so beautiful!

2. Man, Beautiful is a fucking epic song by Eminem.
by Blah_Blah012 May 10, 2011
Every other entry on givesmehope.
A random stranger called me beautiful today. They give me hope.
by Shawn90 April 17, 2011
Looking amazing & being a amazing person like j.c.d(:
Damn Jane is a beautiful girl(:
by Annonoums December 23, 2009
Lovely, Talented, Gorgeous, Intelligent, Funny, and Cute...
Melissa Moore is beautiful
by Secret Admirer January 30, 2005