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You are beautiful.
by Your Conscience.. March 25, 2011
Everyone and everything and how they're special in their own way. It's that quality that sets you apart from others.

In other words, you.
You are beautiful.
by Samantha the Band Dork February 18, 2011
An adjective used to describe someone that makes you feel alive every day and brings joy to one's soul with each sight.
Alyssa Ouano is beautiful
by Plumpybutt December 14, 2010
a. when something or someone is so astoundingly great to look at that you can only describe it as beautiful
b. when you are stoned out of your mind and you see something that just amazes you beyond belief
a. Man that girls eyes were beautiful
b. (Stops the car at the top of a hill on the western shore of the chesapeake bay to take a piss, while on a high ride ) "Dude I can see the eastern shore and it is beautiful."
by T Peazy March 01, 2005
A girl that makes you smile. The one person who brightens your day whenever you see her, no matter what she looks like. The girl who you want to be with at any time
by cmdnkeeper September 16, 2012
Honestly, what is beautiful? I know. Go pick up a mirror. Look in it. What is that? That's you. YOU are the definition of beautiful
look how beautiful i am
by Riley Lynch May 20, 2012
Someone that you find extremely pretty. Someone that you'll always find attractive, even on his/her worst days. You could use this word to describe a guy or girl, but it's usually used for a girl.
"Wow, she's beautiful!"

"My boyfriend is beautiful!"
by spiderqueen December 12, 2011