a. when something or someone is so astoundingly great to look at that you can only describe it as beautiful
b. when you are stoned out of your mind and you see something that just amazes you beyond belief
a. Man that girls eyes were beautiful
b. (Stops the car at the top of a hill on the western shore of the chesapeake bay to take a piss, while on a high ride ) "Dude I can see the eastern shore and it is beautiful."
by T Peazy March 01, 2005
People believe that being beautiful is the same as hot, pretty or even sexy. It's not. True beauty is personality or something so pure - like the shine in his eyes when he talks about something he loves, or the way he dances when he's excited, or even something as simple as the look exchanged by two people who feel the same way. Beauty is all around you: it's the purest thing you'll ever see, like a californian sunset or a british countryside.

beauty is a difficult thing to explain because there is no one definition. beauty is everywhere and everything. If you look deep inside a person,you will see that they are beautiful-maybe not on the outside but on the inside.

Being beautiful is not about the physical features, it's about being you. If you are being true to yourself then you're beautiful. <3
"That sunset is beautiful"

"The way he smiles when he sees you is beautiful"

"Isn't life just beautiful?"
#beauty #beautiful #beutiful #wow #gorgeous
by Dude-I'm-fab September 13, 2013
A girl who is beautiful is not only extremely attractive physically, but also has an amazing personality. The few girls who are truly beautiful are not only cute and pretty, but also sweet, charming, and caring. If a man is lucky enough to meet one of these girls he should never disrespect her. These women are the exact opposite from fake.
"Man, I really like to hang to hang out with this girl, Ana."

"I noticed she seems really sweet and kind."

"Yeah, she's definitely beautiful."
#cute #pretty #sweet #kind #charming
by Noah55567 December 16, 2013
A girl that makes you smile. The one person who brightens your day whenever you see her, no matter what she looks like. The girl who you want to be with at any time
#s.p #gorgeous #hot #pretty #wonderful #ugly #hideous
by cmdnkeeper September 16, 2012
stop worrying about what other people think of you
God made you beautiful just the way you are
#pretty #awesome #crazy #great #hi
by crazyforjesus247 May 29, 2012
The definitions of beauty concerning people:

1. When someone has their hair perfectly done, nothing out of place. Either flawless make up, or perfectly toned skin with big naturally dark eyes. Clothes that flatter your body, and thin and perfect. Everything about their look makes you want to stare at them forever.

This is the shallow version of beauty.

2. When someone you love fits in with you, shares your deepest personal views, and understands you.
When you talk to them, you just feel like they're miles ahead of you, but yet at the same time they make you feel perfect and beautiful as well. Because of who they are inside, it rubs off on who they are outside. They simply glow. Every slight imperfection becomes a perfection, and just completes them.

This is the deep version of beauty.
Girl: Did you see her? God she looked beautiful...
Guy friend: Yeah, I guess so.. the shallow version of beautiful anyway. My girlfriend is beautiful, on the inside which shines through and makes her REALLY beautiful.
Girl: Yeah good point, my best friend is pretty amazing.
#beauty #amazing #beutiful #beautifull #perfect
by ThisIsTruth January 16, 2012
Someone that you find extremely pretty. Someone that you'll always find attractive, even on his/her worst days. You could use this word to describe a guy or girl, but it's usually used for a girl.
"Wow, she's beautiful!"

"My boyfriend is beautiful!"
#pretty #attractive #girls #hot #sexy
by spiderqueen December 12, 2011
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