Every other entry on givesmehope.
A random stranger called me beautiful today. They give me hope.
by Shawn90 April 17, 2011
Looking amazing & being a amazing person like j.c.d(:
Damn Jane is a beautiful girl(:
by Annonoums December 23, 2009
Lovely, Talented, Gorgeous, Intelligent, Funny, and Cute...
Melissa Moore is beautiful
by Secret Admirer January 30, 2005
A wonderful person that makes you smile just by saying hello. Someone that you count upon in your day. Someone that lights up a room when she smiles or laughs. Someone that you can't stop loving.
Juliana is beautiful
by pz<3jj April 29, 2013
The definitions of beauty concerning people:

1. When someone has their hair perfectly done, nothing out of place. Either flawless make up, or perfectly toned skin with big naturally dark eyes. Clothes that flatter your body, and thin and perfect. Everything about their look makes you want to stare at them forever.

This is the shallow version of beauty.

2. When someone you love fits in with you, shares your deepest personal views, and understands you.
When you talk to them, you just feel like they're miles ahead of you, but yet at the same time they make you feel perfect and beautiful as well. Because of who they are inside, it rubs off on who they are outside. They simply glow. Every slight imperfection becomes a perfection, and just completes them.

This is the deep version of beauty.
Girl: Did you see her? God she looked beautiful...
Guy friend: Yeah, I guess so.. the shallow version of beautiful anyway. My girlfriend is beautiful, on the inside which shines through and makes her REALLY beautiful.
Girl: Yeah good point, my best friend is pretty amazing.
by ThisIsTruth January 16, 2012
Someone when you look at them you instantly stop what you are doing and stare at them. When you see them you think to yourself wow she is beautiful. People that arent fake and dont wear loads of make up.
My girlfriend is beautiful
by chrisj557 March 09, 2009
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