An adjective most aptly used to describe a quality intrinsic in some people, both men and women, that draws you to them, puts a smile on your face, and makes you feel lucky to have them in your life. People who are beautiful march to the beat of their own drum; are self-assured, sincere, and virtuous; accept others and their opinions; are able to distinguish what is important in life from what is not; and are kind to others without expecting anything in return.
She had met enough people in her life to be able to see that Dr. George was beautiful to the core, as was their special friendship.
#pretty #gorgeous #attractive #endearing #charming
by Ms. Zitty August 22, 2011
seeing something that you cannot look away from. it makes your heart melt and your eyes leak.

beautiful can only be described in one word..... Casey.
once you see this magnificant human, you will never forget what beautiful means. looking at her is like looking into the sun; its so mesmerising but so beautiful that if you continue to stare it will leave its inprint in your retna.
there i was waltzing down the street when i saw something beautiful.. later i realised it was casey. i continued to stare as i walked, little did i realise that i was heading for an open manhole... i fell down and broke my face.... but it was worth it..... i saw something beautiful
#casey #beautiful #manhole #retna #kasey
by Brad_n0_1 December 01, 2005
When most people hear the word Beautiful they think of someone who has a pretty face or a nice body but people come in all shapes and sizes and they're all beautiful in their own way. Some are beautiful because they're funny or sweet or nice or just because they're a good person. Don't judge someone just by how skinny they are or if they would commonly be referred to as 'pretty' or 'hot'. Because even if they're not necessarily pretty on the outside they could be beautiful on the inside.
She's beautiful.
#pretty #hot #nice #funny #cute
by That Girl You Don't Know March 12, 2013
Oh that girl is really beautiful!
#trev'd #beautiful #awesome #amazing #great
by dicklick23 September 13, 2011
The love of my life.My bestfriend,soul mate,lover and lil thumper
Good morning Beautiful
by humper November 25, 2002
The person who is reading this right now.
I don't know if you're reading this or not, but you are beautiful <3
via giphy
by xx.BrunetteChic.xx March 21, 2016
You! :)
You are the most beautiful person ever!
by tumblreva March 17, 2016
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