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(1.) everything about her is mesmerizing. Her smile and laugh can stop you dead in your tracks, and her eyes seem to light up the world when they smile. Everything about her redefines perfect. She has to ability to make anyone forget how to breathe. She may cause stomach sickness, headaches, inability to think, weakness of joints/bones- making it hard to stand up straight near her.

(2.) <3 :)
S_ _ _ _ G_ _ _ _ _ _ is the most beautiful girl in the world :)
by dayummm :) June 15, 2010
19 5
What a truly caring and kind boyfriend says to his girlfriend. If he says your hot dump him, hes a flake and not worth your time.
Boyfriend:You are the most beautiful person i have ever met.

Girlfriend:I LOVE YOU
by red5dress February 20, 2010
28 15
beautiful has nothing to do with appearance, only the heart.

beautiful is you.
"you're beautiful."

"i love you, too."
by soul meets body. June 29, 2011
17 5
What every girl should be called by ALL men!
Logan: she's ugly
Adam: shut the fuck up and show the girl some respect, all female are beautiful!
by Fuckyouassface! March 23, 2011
15 3
very attractive, funny, awesome, great to be with, a great person in every way shape and form.
wow did you see how beautiful madison was?
yeah man she is beautiful in everyway!
by andyrandy January 01, 2010
14 2
Different to pretty, it's not just perfect skin and eyes bright coloured eyes that look chinese when you smile. It's having the right bone structure to be able to look good from any angle, and a certain way in which you carry yourself that strikes the attention of people without looking obvious.
guy:wow. I don't know what it is about that girl, but she has caught my attention and she's beautiful and striking.
by sheknowsnothing June 24, 2009
21 9
Beauty is simple and easy to find
Beauty is plain, and beauty is blind
Beauty is smiling and holding his hand
Beauty is taking a walk in the sand
Beauty is holding him close to your heart
Beauty is never having to be apart
Beauty is knowing that his love is true
Beauty is me, and beauty is you
"You are beautiful, no matter what they say. You are beautiful in every single way."
by JessieJay13 February 17, 2009
20 8