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1) referring to something thats extremely lame / boring
2) referring to ones loose vagina thats slam pigged out
1. yo this spots beat, yall cut
2. yo that girls puss is beat
by bbcar September 07, 2010
The epitome of bad. Can also mean ugly.
You're beat.
by bro12121212121212 June 30, 2010
1: To masterbate in a violent manner. Happens usually when a male is frustrated and takes his anger out on his penis
"I was so pissed so I beat my meat in the restroom."
by Mr.Noah March 04, 2010
To have nothing better to do.
To go with your last option.
To get ripped off.
To miss out on something.
To be lame.
"He bailed on me! I'm beat for a ride now!"
"I'll play a game of uno because I'm just that beat."
"You paid $20 for this! You got beat!"
"I'm not going to Jack's, he's beat."

"I'm going to bed, I'm not beat for this conversation"
"He thinks I'm going to wash the dishes? I'm not beat for that!"
by SpunkyElle January 08, 2010
1.) when something is really heinous

2.) to describe anything that sucks.

3.) can be used as a synonym for jacking off
1- oh man i went to this party and some one slipped me a rufe
2- shit son, thats beat!

1- i was beating off last night and my bird walked in
2- thats so beat
by jefferylucille November 29, 2009
in other words "ugly". Beat is a extremely insulting way to say someones ugly, hedeous, dirt, or hurt. used alot in the TORONTO.
"she looked good from behind, but when she turned around the girl was beat"

" don't talk like you hot, your beat"

" that man was beat . "
by realestmelyssa November 16, 2009
Very ugly and/or un-appealing,
Man, that girl with the big glasses and braces is beat..
by dude person whatever March 15, 2009