1: To masterbate in a violent manner. Happens usually when a male is frustrated and takes his anger out on his penis
"I was so pissed so I beat my meat in the restroom."
by Mr.Noah March 04, 2010
1.) when something is really heinous

2.) to describe anything that sucks.

3.) can be used as a synonym for jacking off
1- oh man i went to this party and some one slipped me a rufe
2- shit son, thats beat!

1- i was beating off last night and my bird walked in
2- thats so beat
by jefferylucille November 29, 2009
in other words "ugly". Beat is a extremely insulting way to say someones ugly, hedeous, dirt, or hurt. used alot in the TORONTO.
"she looked good from behind, but when she turned around the girl was beat"

" don't talk like you hot, your beat"

" that man was beat . "
by realestmelyssa November 16, 2009
(1) a wannabe high. lol
like when you try to get high off some kind of marker, lets face it it doesn't fucking work that way. you're not necessary high but you're not necessary sane. YOU'RE JUST BEAT
I'm not even high dude! those decos just left me beat! haha
by the real Saiko July 15, 2008
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