(1) a wannabe high. lol
like when you try to get high off some kind of marker, lets face it it doesn't fucking work that way. you're not necessary high but you're not necessary sane. YOU'RE JUST BEAT
I'm not even high dude! those decos just left me beat! haha
by the real Saiko July 15, 2008
(v.) fuck; have sexual intercourse
"I would totally beat with that chick."
by rico_117 May 21, 2008
Beat is someone who likes mad riding and tooting/burping
JOE-yea I am going riding this weeked.
JOHN-you sure are a beat
by PK master March 04, 2008
to be tired or exhausted
i'm beat from the basketball game, i'm going to bed.
by terfsv efsvwefsa cadv qefdac afsdc November 19, 2007
Beat: describes to your friends a very pretty girl that you've sean. Or a very fine girl that you now see. This word comes frome the phrase, " I'd beat it up". Meaning, I would have sex with that hot girl. Beat is also used to get your freinds attention so they may also see the hot girl.Beat is also a code word so you may talk about a hottie without her knowing it. BEAT is also used with the words, Beat card and No beat see definitions.
Check the BEAT at you 3 o-clock.

Did you see all the BEAT at the club lastnight?

I pulled some BEAT yesterday at the car show.

Give up the BEAT CARD that chick was NO BEAT.
by Jameo August 03, 2007
Used to define a girl that looks like she takes it up the ass. ( the "it" being big dick )
Dude that girl is beat all the time; she just loves it in the ass.

What do you think of her? I don't know she looks pretty beat.
by Nate & Will April 20, 2007
when somethings worn tore up dirty and or old
.....man them shoez r beat.....
by Ashez August 29, 2006

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