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Used to define a girl that looks like she takes it up the ass. ( the "it" being big dick )
Dude that girl is beat all the time; she just loves it in the ass.

What do you think of her? I don't know she looks pretty beat.
by Johyo November 10, 2005
1 1
dirty, as in "been around the block"


originating in Southern California esp San Diego surf communities (carlsbad, encinitas, etch)
no wonder all the guys love her. look what she's wearing, she so beat.

she's so beat, dude, everyones gone around with her

dont stick your finger in the socket, thats way beat.
by s-in-ay May 01, 2005
0 0
to be taken advantage of or ripped off; often in the context of drugs or money
"Once we beat this kid for an ounce; you bet he was fuckin mad about that"
by stew December 14, 2004
2 2
referring to a defunct device
"That is a beat tape player"
by Jack April 21, 2004
10 10
Used to describe a woman who is down on life, tired looking, or has had one too many sex partners.
"I hadnt seen her in years, she looks absolutely beat now"

"Aileen in the movie 'Monster' was beat"

"She looks hella beat man, rode hard and hung out to dry"
by Skizzle February 23, 2004
7 7
To inflict extreme pain upon another through use of force and display of power.
by 654465 August 25, 2003
0 0
in philly we say weed is beat when the bags are small.
2. when a place or situation isn't fun.
3. ugly
1. yo, we got to get some weed, these bags are beat.
2. this place is fucking beat, lets go home.
3. yo, ya bitch is beat, she need to get her hair done.
by duh August 21, 2003
3 3