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This word, or "phrase" is commonly used among Gay Black Men when referring to someone's face--especially when it comes to female impersonators. Contrary to other entries on here regarding this word, in this instance being "beat" is actually a good thing. And having someone tell you your face is "beat" is actually a compliment.
A gay black man sees his dragqueen friend and says "Alright bitch, that face is BEAT!"
no tea, no shade, no tea no shade, giving face
by Ja'Miko504 September 12, 2010
11 10
to have sex
yo dogg, jennifer let me beat last night
by e.s. July 11, 2003
1577 830
Extremely ugly; probably derived from "beat with the ugly stick"
Man, I thought she'd have some hot friends, but boy, were they beat!
by Alison July 23, 2002
1314 632
a lame situation.
Man, this party is beat!
by anonymous October 30, 2002
1088 602
(1)v. To steal or rob something from someone.
(2)v. To have sex.
(3)v. To masturbate.
(4)v. To win.
(5)v. To fight someone roughly.
1."You got beat for 20 bucks."
2."She finally let me beat the other night."
3."No ass so I had to beat my meat."
4.Philly beat Atlanta and are going to the Super Bowl.
5."I beat that kid about the head and face.
by Markotix January 31, 2005
1013 531
tired, spent etc
after two games of football, man am beat
by simon adebisi July 16, 2003
702 356
straight out ugly. disgusting and hideous. atrocious.
yo that girl is beat
by peeleep October 27, 2004
673 353
Adjective used to describe something very lame, worn out, un-fun, or boring.
1. That shit is fucking beat.
2. Beat. (used instead of "that's gay"or similar phrase)
by Jordan April 21, 2004
368 201