Adj. A term used to describe a bowl or bong pack of marijuana which is burnt to ash, and no more hits can be obtained.
"Yo, pack another bowl of nuggets dude this fucking pipe is beat"
by Dankster February 21, 2005
I went and saw Tomb Raider II last night and I beat my meat all throughout the movie to Angelina's sweet face
by Jim_Jones July 24, 2003
A pre-organised sexual encounter between three or more men, often in park bushes or woodland areas. Commonly used phrase in Edinburgh, Scotland. Alternative phrases are "Meat and beats" and when there are only three men involved "Beef dinner for three."
"James was off on one of those sordid beats of his last night, the cocksucker."
by Alec Trevelyan October 15, 2006
Beat has several meanings depending on the context.

1. It can mean that someone (generally a girl) is ugly, similar to kicked.

2. It can mean to engage in sex, generally from a dominant or male point of view, i.e. "beat that pussy".

3. It can mean to masturbate, similar to whack, i.e. "beat off".

4. It can mean to win or defeat.

5. It can mean to attack someone.
1. Damn that girl has a nice body but she is beat!

2. I'm gonna beat dat pussy up all night!

3. I caught him beating off in his room, so embarrasing.

4. We beat you guys fair and square, so pay up.

5. Jamal beat up his girlfriend last night, again!
by Malakai Goldberg December 18, 2008
n. Term used by gay men to describe how good looking someone or something is.
Did you see that boy with 6-pack walk out the gym, chile he was beat!
by Fine-ington November 08, 2009
1950s term for a person into the couter culture. Precursors to Hippies and later called "beatniks"
Alan Ginsberg was a beat poet.
by stilanas July 02, 2004
Pounding bass frequencies at regular or irregular intervals in a piece of music. Often timed to changes in dance motions, or light-show action. Calculated frequency is expressed as beats per minute.
The pounding beats moved him to dance.
by Majuju July 09, 2003
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