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to put it bluntly...having sex with an animal.


a dog, horse, ram, bull or frog.
Sammy's from Mississippi and grew up on a farm.
He didn't have any friends...let alone female ones.

One day he swore he saw Betty the Cow wink at him.

Next thing you know...Sammy is showing Betty how to straddle herself without getting hurt.
by Kennedy July 26, 2005
Pronuciation: Beast - tility


1. A utility or tool that is beast, or wildly and uncontrollably awesome

2. One who acts wildy and uncontrollably awesome
Joe: "My iphone is so useful, it's a f*cking beastility!"


Alex: "Jackson is so good at killing people in Call of Duty"
Luke: "He's a beastility!"
by ProPeng555777 March 21, 2011

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