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Pronunciation: Legit - shun

1. A magician that is legit; one who can perform magic tricks perfectly; a magician that actually has magical powers.

2. One who constantly performs acts of legit so much that he is often mistaken for as Jesus.
Nicky: "Holy crap, he just turned that rabbit into Megan Fox!!!"
Michael: "Yea, what a legitcian!"

Ivan: "Oh my God, is that Jesus?!?"
Luke: "No, that's just Jackson, the best Call of Duty player in the universe.
by ProPeng555777 March 21, 2011
Pronunciation: Legit - ing

The act of legiting; to legit.

In other words, to perform a certain action with purity and skill without failure.

Past tense: Legited. To be legited, or he/she legited.
Alex: "Last night, Jackson killed 6 people in a row on Black Ops."
Luke: "Yeah he was legiting!"

Ivan: "Good game, but your basketball skills are too good for me."
Fat Albert: "Haha, you got legited!"
by ProPeng555777 March 21, 2011

An insult derived from the common name 'Alex'. Implies that the person with the name 'Alex' is a homosexual, or gay, hence, Gaylex.
Jessica: "Hey look it's Alex"
Sally: "No his name's Gaylex"
Jessica: "What?"
Sally: "People started calling him that after he told everyone he was homosexual"
Jessica: "What a gaylord!"
by ProPeng555777 March 21, 2011

The act of, or a gay male who, pretends to be straight and a 'bro' around his straight male friends who don't know the 'brohomo' is gay so the 'brohomo' can do acts of gayness to them.

Adjective form is 'brohomosexual'
Luke: "Alex was so chill last night, he bought us bubble tea and paid for our movie tickets"

Jackson: "You know he's gay, right?"

Luke: "AWW F-... what a brohomo man!"
by ProPeng555777 March 21, 2011
Pronuciation: Beast - tility


1. A utility or tool that is beast, or wildly and uncontrollably awesome

2. One who acts wildy and uncontrollably awesome
Joe: "My iphone is so useful, it's a f*cking beastility!"


Alex: "Jackson is so good at killing people in Call of Duty"
Luke: "He's a beastility!"
by ProPeng555777 March 21, 2011
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