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to put it bluntly...having sex with an animal.


a dog, horse, ram, bull or frog.
Sammy's from Mississippi and grew up on a farm.
He didn't have any friends...let alone female ones.

One day he swore he saw Betty the Cow wink at him.

Next thing you know...Sammy is showing Betty how to straddle herself without getting hurt.
by Kennedy July 26, 2005
a shot from beyond the arc in basketball worth three points, as opposed to shots inside the arc, which are only worth two points
Pinnock hit two threes in a row against URI on Saturday.
by kennedy March 05, 2005
to be a big dick and posess a tiny one
Wow! That guy sure is being a Titantor
by Kennedy March 18, 2005
A guy who committed a certifiable, crazy, demented, distracted, flippo, insane, lunatic, mad, manic-depressive, mental, nuts, psycho, psychopathic, schizo, schizzed out, sick, sickie, unbalanced...possibily even deranged act just for a few laughs
Mike peeled his preys face off in a zer00 sort of way.
by Kennedy April 04, 2005
Someone who has hardly ANY teeth at all....maybe 3 or 4. Used more as a sarcastic remark than anything else.
Look at that whitetrash person. Yeah....when he smiles, he has lotsateeth!
by Kennedy December 01, 2004
A guy who likes anal...usually recieving it. He act's like he enjoys giving it, but in the end, he likes the pain.
Petunia understood his watchman tactics...she knew what he was really after.
by Kennedy March 06, 2005
1) One crazy SOB
2) Will bite on command
3) spits when pissed
4) Greg's bitch
5) bookbag-swinger
Hi, friend!
by kennedy February 07, 2004

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