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They are godless killing machines.
Stephen Colbert: Bears don't pray because they are godless killing machines.
by Camnation March 03, 2007
Is mentioned in Samuel Beckett's play "Waiting for Godot" as the man/thing the two main characters are waiting for. Unfortunately the flake never shows up, so consequently nothing happens in the play. Like "Seinfeld" this is the play about nothing.

No one knows who or what Godot actually is, and no one will ever know.
(Excerpt from play)
ESTRAGON: Let's go.
VLADIMIR: We can't.
ESTRAGON: Why not?
VLADIMIR: We're waiting for Godot.
by Camnation January 07, 2007
Is the host of the satirical fake news show "The Colbert Report" as Stephen Colbert. Probably the funniest guy currently on television. Has a surprising amount of fangirls, which in itself is really creepy.
Stephen Colbert plays Stephen Colbert in "The Colbert Report".
by Camnation January 03, 2007
A mega store people claim they hate because it's hip to do so, but you know they go shopping there all the time.
Everyone's bought something from Walmart at one point or another.
by Camnation January 04, 2007
A character in the Psycho movie and book series, portrayed by the very sexy Anthony Perkins.
Anthony Perkins was so sexy as Norman Bates in "Psycho".
by Camnation January 01, 2007
Ben Affleck (1971-) is an American actor famous for being in movies with his best buddy Matt Damon, but infamous for his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. He is currently married (as of the publication of this entry) to Jennifer Garner.

Because of the incessant media attention with Affleck's relationship with Lopez, people have begun to insult his craft needlessly, particularly his movie Gigli (2003) and pretty much every film he did after that one. They may have been box office and critical disasters, but no one really watched them anyway, so who actually knows how bad they are?

He also happens to have an unusually large head. Seriously. Too bad plastic surgery can't change that.
Janie: Why do you hate Ben Affleck?
Sara: Because he's the biggest douche in Hollywood.
Janie: How do you know that?
Sara: I read it in the tabloids... er, I mean newspaper.
Janie: Riiiiiiiiight.
by Camnation January 07, 2007

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