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a really really really hairy person
Raman is a really really hairy furball
by ppface August 03, 2006
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a nickname for someone who is super cute, and a really good friend, and slightly odd, but the best person ever! the reason the nicknames furball is because they are cute and warm and fuzzy like a kitty, and just a lil bit not normal
heyy, have you met my bff furball?
by numlee June 14, 2010
getting sucked off by someone with braces, causing your pubes to tangle up in the braces creating a furball effect.
that girl got a good old furball last night
by sumbum boy January 04, 2011
A cuter furry, sometimes younger than most furries, such as middle schoolers
Im the only furry in my group of friends, but according to them, im also the cutest of us, making me a furball
by Starry "star" Nightstreak September 12, 2015
A tightly packed mass of hair regurgitated by a cat or other feline, or a dog, or an other hairy mammal, that comes from it licking itself all day long because it likes to do it, preferably while people are watching. In humans this behaviour has a scientific name, but it still does not make it any less disgusting.
A middle aged balding man with astigmatism and a sinister squint walks into a doctor’s surgery one day and says to the receptionist, “Well Doc. I puked up this massive hairball from my stomach this morning, straight after breakfast, I guess that this means you think I should stop eating my hair them?” Needless to say the receptionist was none too pleased at hearing this news about a man producing a furball for breakfast, not least because she had just came back from lunch.
by Zamboozee March 27, 2011
An orgy performed by humans that are dressed as animals.
"hey Steve! will you be joining us at the furball tonight?" "I can't wait! I have my raccoon costume and viagra ready to go!"
by TenMileKyle August 20, 2011
A Furbert orgy. An freakish lifestyle group.
I just finished picking out the pink lint from my crack from last night's Furball.
by Butthead February 06, 2005
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