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what i am going to make in this dude's mouth for stating that the origin of "bears" is from South Park. Any respectable person is clearly aware of this and doesn't need to display their familiarity with the greatest and most intelligent show on television.
I am going to make my bears your bears by shitting in your mouth and confirming that you digest them.
by bmoc July 30, 2006
n. Term for the use of fecal matter. The term has been used by such places as "South Park".
I had to drop the bears off at the superbowl.
by Wassabi June 02, 2006
A large, hairy homosexual man who raises Jack Russel terriers with his bearmate. The larger bears are referred to as daddies. These men are showcased in Bear magazine.
Did you see the fuckin' bear of the month this issue? I'd kidnap that daddy in a heartbeat.
by Kyle April 10, 2003
another term for a fart without saying some other crass name for fart.

originated during camping. ex: "Did you hear that bear growl"--translation, "I just farted."

person 1 in crowded room: "OK, who had bears! It is stinky up in here."

person 2: "hehe."
by jontan27 August 18, 2007
A nickname for someone who is awesome.
Charles is so cool we call him bears
by BEARS July 03, 2006
harry, or any other beastly human of superhuman physical cababilities. One who is tough, courageous, a beast, and does manly things
Beaver-"Bear, y didnt you wake up? i was shaking you for like 20 minutes"
Bear- "cuz im a bear! I was in hibernation!"
by THE BEAVERRRRRR May 26, 2007
Its poop, shit, feces, crap, dookie, cosbys, browns and any other synonym for any of these words except for maybe cosbys: (Drop the cosbys off at the pool) and (take the browns to the superbowl) if you weren;t already aware of those phrases.
We're gonna make them eat our bears, then bear out our bears, then eat their bears which is made up of our bears that we made them eat.
by Badass Jack August 04, 2006