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Diminuitive, feminine form of beaner. A derogatory term for a female hispanic immigrant to the United States. Derived from the Spanish word "seniorita".
Have you seen Dave's new girlfriend, Juanita the beanerita?
by Kid Dynamo April 11, 2006
A white girl who dresses, talks and acts like she is a chola, mexican or of latin descent, usually as a result of living in a primarily hispanic neighborhood. Usually nicknames herself "guera" but spells it "weda" because thats how its pronounced and she doesnt know any better. Sonetimes nicknamed "flaca" if she's thin. Spells it "flacka" or "flaka". She claims to speak Spanish but only actually knows a few words so its more like really bad Spanglish. More often than not she has an annoying, nasal voice and talks fast.
That beanerita thinks she's mexican. That white girl cant even spell guera right
by TrendyWendy March 18, 2015
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