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Web Interface tool used to manage/control application resource definitions for IBM's Customer Information Control System (CICS).

Powerful, secure, and flexible. WEDA provides all the commands, functions, and services of CEDA in an easy-to-use, menu-driven format. It adds a multitude of new functions required for maintaining today’s complex CICS environments, including:

• Dynamic directory system which relates all resources and arranges displays by resource name within resource type.

• Menu driven facilities with use of pop-up windows, action bars, and “pull-downs” in a GUI-like presentation to make CICS maintenance easier and more intuitive.

• Central point of control for immediate connection and access to resources between multiple CICS regions.

• Online remote install feature to easily install definitions in remote CICS regions.

• Full audit trail and history on every CICS resource definition, showing changes made and past messages generated by CICS.

• Change management system providing a safe and effective means to enter and service CICS change requests.

Use WEDA, not CEDA, to define your application to CICS.
by orthogonal October 31, 2006
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