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A Spanish word for skinny.
They call her La Flaka cause she's so skinny.
by RAE_ March 18, 2008
A Flaka is a girl who is beautiful from the inside out. She's gorgeous and elegant. She is friendly to everyone and always there to help someone with a problem. She smiles all the time and everyone loves to be around her. She's also very smart and funny, she knows when to be serious and when to let loose. Flaka is simply amazing.
"You see that Flaka over there? She's so cool!"
by starpower2010 February 03, 2010
Krazy Young Black Male
a N.I.G.G.A
(Never Ignorant, Gettin Goals Accomplished)
Tim Flaka X iz krazy and wise
by Tim Flaka X May 12, 2010
"flay-ka" - noun - a remote control (eg. TV remote)
verb - to change the channel, or skip a song.
"Oi! Give me the flaka, I'm watching football tonight."

"Oh come on, I'm not watching this, flaka!"
by Roderick II July 24, 2006
A policeman or cop,especially a cop thats white
oh fuck ese here come da flakas
by sergioo January 25, 2008
A term used by two hot females named Sinny and Tinny. No one knows the definition of this word but us. It is kept a secret. It can only be used by us! So watch out!
The track team is sitting down listening to the coach after a nice, long stretch... when the coach states, "Klindsey is doing the triple jump."
Klindsey: "Flaka?"
by Klindsey April 14, 2005
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