Some one who has either
No Pubes
A high annoying voice

for the latter example when calling someone a Beagle you usually say it in a high tone of voice
Fred: That fat kids such a beagle
by Robert Pennington November 23, 2007
To be extremely weak and/or having one nut. Also haveing a short temper and can't back it up.
A kid in adrian michigan with the last name beagle that is a worthless person, this is his definition
by Boby boby February 22, 2008
Something that is immortalised but is in actually fact rubbish.
"I wonder what happened to the Beagle 2 probe"
"Darwin sailed on the Beagle, a ship which was eventually used as a staionary ship in a vain attempt to stop summugling"
"You see that Beagle, what tricks can it do?"
by Zues May 29, 2004
A slang term for a woman's areola.
Dude, that chick's beagle's are as big as my Grandmama's Thanksgiving platters.
by mangus May 26, 2004
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