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1) A scripted WWII shooter made by a large chunk of the medal of honour team. Historically acurate, and one of the best WWII multiplayer games available. Unfortunately, it suffers in single player from two sources. First, it is extremely scripted and not freeline enough for some people. Secondly, the enemies have the annoying habit of getting up as soon as you kill them and on harder dificulties seem to be way to accurate. A must buy for people who like that sorta game.

2) A phrase referring to conscription in world wars I and II.
1) I just completed call of duty. Man, that game is amazing.

2) When their country called, they answered the call of duty.
by Aratos February 22, 2004
(1)A person who hides near to spawn points in online games to get some quick frags. Snipers are often reffered to as "dirty amping bastards" because people don't like being sniped.

(2) someone who goes camping on a regular basis for their holidays.
(1) That damned cmper keeps killing me.

(2) stupid campers ruined the grass in my field.
by Aratos August 23, 2003
to be in knee deep means to be in a situation to a great extent, generally "knee deep in trouble". It can also be literally knee deep, for instance "knee deep in he dead" from DooM.
by Aratos November 02, 2003
Thing. short for something. Used by hippies.
This gun-thangy is so way not cool, man!
by Aratos August 27, 2003
18th Century part in the Britissh parliament. Now known as the conservatives. Conservatives are now shortened to tories. What comes around goes around.
Also and irish insult.
I'm voting tory this year.
by Aratos May 18, 2005
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