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When your voice suddenly goes high pitched unintentionally, often during puberty.
That was an embarrassing beagle you just did there!
by Daladah February 05, 2011
8 9
The Beagle is a pseudonym for a fully shaved or waxed lady, originally termed the 'Bald Eagle'. For use in public places when discussing the events of the night
Man did you see that girls skirt ride up her ass-total Beagle!
by shimickey March 22, 2011
12 16
To be investigated for the scent of illicit substances by a canine, specifically of the Beagle breed (used in Australian airports). (Past tense: 'Beagled')
"Dude, great to see you!.. Why did it take you so long to get through customs???"

"I got bloody beagled and the cops spent an hour going through my bags and giving me the third degree. Next time I leave Amsterdam I'm going to make sure I've washed all my clothes"
by ateo80 April 06, 2009
3 13
A black guy with a 9 inch penis.
Beagle has a BBD.
by BoB the fisher July 13, 2008
21 39
An incorrect reference to an edible doughnut-shaped roll (bagel).
I gave the beagle a bagel.
by kinsmed July 01, 2004
18 38
A breakfast food. Shaped like a donut, delicious when smothered in cream cheese. A common mispronunciation is "bagel".
You: What are you eating?
Me: A beagle. Yummm.
You: Oh, that is just sick!
Me: But it's got cream cheese!
by mcnuggetmonster June 05, 2009
9 30
a slang term used by the BBH crew
it is a slang term for a blow job
damn, that ho gave me the best beagle i ever had...
by King Ryno [[BBH]] August 11, 2008
1 24